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Smitte (translated: Infect
infect (https://definr.com/infect)

v 1: fill with revolutionary ideas [syn: revolutionize, revolutionise,
2: communicate a disease to; “Your children have infected you
with this bead cold”
3: contaminate with a disease or microorganism [syn: taint]
[ant: disinfect]

Smitte is an independent art coalition that was founded i 2006. Smitte consists of loose collaborations across the regular artistic boundaries, like a publisher where different elements from diverse cultural expressions, situations come together, and through joined forces organizing towards a fresh view at tendencies and common habits.  The goal is to generate dialog, explore and display different conceptions through the collaboration of different fields of interest, age and background, and call on ingenuousness and curiosity, both from own and others points of view. Prior Smitte has arranged and curated the exhibition Til Vanlig, in the centre of the fortified town of Fredrikstad, the festival Tornado, and God morgen Norge in Halden and most recently contributed at the music festival by:larm at Folkets Hus in Oslo. Smitte is also contributing at the norwegian web forum regarding movies – Montages.no.